Updating Mods using Vortex

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Mods downloaded into Vortex from Nexus Mods can be updated from within Vortex on the Mods Page. Versions are managed per file and not per mod.

If a mod has multiple files each file will independently be tracked and managed.

Checking for updates

All Mods


  • Click on the Check For Updates icon in the Mods page.
    • Check for Updates (Optimized) -> This is the default option. It checks against a list of all mods that have been updated in the last 30 days.
    • Check for Updates (Full) -> If the optimized check does not find the update, this option will check each mod in sequence. Using the full check will use considerably more API requests if you have a lot of mods installed.

Multiple Mods


With multiple mods selected you can click on the Check for Updates icon in the bottom toolbar to check for updates on the selection.

Single Mod


When right clicking on a single mod you can select "Check for Update". This will look up the mod on Nexus Mods to see if it has been changed since you installed the current version.

Processing Updates

When updates are available you for a mod it will be indicated in the version column.


When clicking on the cloud icon you will be redirected to the Nexus site directly to a download link for the new version of the file. Clicking this link will allow Vortex to download the new version.

[Premium Only] Direct Updates

Premium members can click on the cloud to get information about the new version and directly download the update from within Vortex.

Installing Updates

Once download install the mod as per normal. Vortex will detect that it is an update of an existing mod and prompt whether you want to update just the current profile or all profiles:

Confirm Update

Once updated both version will be available within Vortex. You can switch version by clicking on the version number in the Mods page.


You can also remove old version from here