Scripting in Blade & Sorcery

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Original Google Drive document by Basalt (Basalt#4272)

First and foremost, this guide will not teach you coding. I want that crystal clear, for learning the coding language of Blade and Sorcery I recommend this playlist. For reference, I only watched about 9 of these to get a decent grasp, I recommend watching more of em though.

What this document will teach you is how to start scripting modded weapons and maps for Blade & Sorcery.

When I first started modding I didn’t know how to code, it wasn’t until way after I got my modder role that I decided to learn. It was kinda stupidly complicated to figure out how to start coding for this game, so I figured I'll make a quick guide of how to just get started.

Setting up your project

Right, so first of all, even if you don’t know how to script yet, this tutorial will help regardless for when you inevitably can because you are smart and you are capable of doing the things you want.

So, first, you gotta have the right Visual Studio version. For god knows whatever reason Microsoft has decided to wipe away the very existence of Visual Studio Community 2017. Because of that, you have to install visual studio from the following Google Drive link:

Make sure these checkboxes are ticked when installing so you can actually like, do anything.