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Porting content from one game to another is generally not allowed, even between games developed and published by the same company. Therefore, porting content from one game to another is not tolerated on Nexus Mods. But there are some (rare) developers/publishers who allows porting of content from their games to other games. This page is for listing those Developers and Publishers so that you can easily find out which games you can safely port content from and who you can not do so.

Developers/Publishers who allow porting of content

As of 2015/03/03

The following game developers have indicated that they will permit content from their games to be ported to other games, provided it is not for profit and full credit is given and other requirements have been met:

   * 2Dawn Games
   * 800 North
   * Akella
   * Bioware (only for and between the Dragon Age series)
   * Black Mesa Modification Team
   * CCP Games (you must include "© 2014 CCP hf. All rights reserved." somewhere in your submission)
   * CD Projekt RED
   * Codebrush Games (you must include a logo of the game and a link to the game's Steam store page)
   * Codemasters
   * Croteam
   * Cry of Fear
   * Crytek
   * Deep Silver
   * Dennaton Games
   * Digital Extremes
   * Disney
   * Dragonfly
   * Epic Games
   * Frictional Games
   * GSC GameWorld (S.T.A.L.K.E.R)
   * Hi-Rez Studios
   * id Software
   * Insomniac Games
   * InterWave Studios
   * Lukewarm Media
   * Metro 2033 (you must include "Based on the novel Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky." somewhere in your release)
   * Microsoft
   * Mojang Studios (Minecraft)
   * Netgame
   * New World Interactive
   * Nexon
   * Nordic Games GmbH
   * Overkill Software
   * PLA
   * Platinum Games (Only games published by SEGA or Konami)
   * PVKII
   * Quantic Dream
   * Rake in Grass
   * Red Barrels
   * Red Duck Inc.
   * Reloaded Games Inc.
   * Remedy Entertainment
   * Respawn Entertainment
   * Riot Games
   * RuneStorm
   * Running With Scissors (Postal 2)
   * Smilegate
   * SNK Playmore
   * SouthPeak Games
   * Spark Unlimited
   * Spicy Horse
   * Square Enix
   * Subset Games
   * Team 17
   * Techland
   * Terminal Reality
   * The Chinese Room
   * Torn Banner Studios
   * Trendy Entertainment
   * Tripwire Interactive
   * Uber Entertainment
   * Ubisoft
   * Valve [LIMITED] Re-compiling content among Valves titles ONLY
   * Vertigo Games
   * Webzen
   * Young Horses
   * Zepetto
   * Zombie Panic Source
   * Zombie Studios
   * ZUN

Developers/Publishers who might allow porting

As of 2012/12/17

The following game Developers/Publishers have previously granted permission to port their assets to specific mod authors when contacted provided it is not for profit and that full credit is given. Note that explicit permission is required to port such assets:

List of authors with specific permission

As of 2013/09/25

The follow mod authors have received specific permission to port assets from certain games that requires explicit permission from the respected Publisher/Developer, for use in their (non-profit) mods:

Note! This list is most likely incomplete. If you find other mods that are also utilizing 'borrowed' assets, they may, or may not have permission to do so. In such cases, refer to the 'Permission and Credits' section of that mod.

En Masse Entertainment (TERA):