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Porting content from one game to another is generally not allowed, even between games developed and published by the same company. Therefore, porting content from one game to another is not permitted on NexusMods, unless the developer/publisher of that specific game allows porting of content from their games to other games.

There are some general rules when porting content, aside from requiring permission:

  • It is not for profit.
  • Full credit is given.
  • It does not reflect negatively on the rights holder (Publisher and Developer).

List of developers/publishers

These are the developers/publishers whom we have information on regarding their stance on porting.

Developer/Publisher Details Source(s)
2Dawn Games N/A GameBanana e-mail
800 North N/A GameBanana e-mail
Akella N/A GameBanana e-mail
Bioware Within the Dragon Age series Nexus Forums
Black Mesa Modification Team N/A Twitter
CD Projekt RED Using assets from 'The Witcher' series CD Projekt Red Forums
Codebrush Games N/A GameBanana e-mail
Codemasters N/A GameBanana e-mail
Croteam N/A GameBanana e-mail
Cry of Fear N/A ModDB PM (image)
Crytek N/A [aygr.png GameBanana e-mail
Deep Silver N/A GameBanana e-mail
Dragonfly N/A GameBanana e-mail
Epic Games N/A GameBanana e-mail
GSC GameWorld S.T.A.L.K.E.R N/A
Hi-Rez Studios N/A N/A
id Software N/A Bethsoft forums (image)
Insomniac Games No Licensed Audio, and must show the final works to Insomniac Games Insomniac Games Forums (image)
InterWave Studios DETAILS GameBanana e-mail
Microsoft Read it all! -No profits (including advertisement revenue, not including optional donations) Game Content Usage Rules
Overkill Software N/A GameBanana e-mail
PLA N/A GameBanana e-mail
PVKII Credit pvkii.com and Octoshark Studios ModDB PM (image)
Red Barrels N/A GameBanana e-mail
Reloaded Games Inc. N/A Reloaded Games forums (image)
Remedy Entertainment N/A Remedy Entertainment forums (image)
Respawn Entertainment N/A GameBanana e-mail
Riot Games Read it all! Legal Jibber Jabber
Running With Scissors Only Postal 2 GameBanana e-mail
SouthPeak Games N/A GameBanana e-mail
Square Enix N/A Square Enix / Eidos forums (image)
Team 17 N/A GameBanana e-mail
Techland N/A GameBanana e-mail
Torn Banner Studios N/A Steam PM (image)
Tripwire Interactive N/A GameBanana e-mail
Uber Entertainment N/A GameBanana e-mail
Ubisoft Read it all! Yes, all of it! Terms of Use
Valve Re-compiling content among Valves titles only N/A
Vertigo Games DETAILS GameBanana e-mail
Webzen DETAILS GameBanana e-mail
Zepetto DETAILS GameBanana e-mail
Zombie Panic Source DETAILS ModDB PM (image)


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