Modding Halo: The Master Chief Collection with Vortex

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief’s iconic journey includes six games, built for PC and collected in a single integrated experience where each game is delivered over time. Whether you’re a long-time fan or meeting Spartan 117 for the first time, The Master Chief Collection is the definitive Halo gaming experience.

Released: 2019

Genre: FPS

Engine: Custom

Nexus Mods

This guide is designed to help you set up Vortex to install and manage mods for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Getting Set Up

This section only applies to the Windows Store version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Take control of the ModifiableWindowsApps folder.

Setting the deployment method (Optional)

Depending on your settings, Vortex may select "Symlink Deployment (Run as Administrator)" as the default. This is perfectly fine to use but will require you to accept a security prompt from Windows each time you deploy or change your mods.

To avoid this, you may want to go to Settings > Mods and change the deployment method to "Hardlink deployment", then click "Apply". This will require one final security prompt to save the change.

See also: Deployment Methods

Installing Mods

To get started you'll need to visit the Nexus Mods page for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and choose a mod you'd like to download. On the mod page, the Vortex buttons will allow you to download mods directly into the mod manager.

Packing mods to work with Vortex

Relative to the game root folder.