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This guide will go through the different steps required for setting up a custom voice pack for the Custom NPC Voices Framework.

Before starting this tutorial, you'll need to be set up Unity and the B&S modding SDK.

If you should have any questions or improvement suggestion about this guide, feel free to DM or @mpe3us on the B&S Discord.

Creating the voice pack

First things first, you need some audio clips for your voice pack. The audio clips can be anything as long as you have them in the format of either .wav, .mp3, .ogg or .aif. I do recommend that all of your audio clips are lower than 5 seconds in length and definitely no longer than 10 seconds to avoid potential performance-related issues. Make sure that the voice clips have a decent volume level, as there is a limit for high you can set it in-game. You can use Audacity for boosting the volume of your clips.

To give you an idea of which type of voice lines would be fitting for a voice pack, here are the different “voice events” which is currently available:

  • "attackSounds": Triggers when an NPC performs a basic attack (the short attack animations).
  • "attackBigSounds": Triggers when an NPC performs an advanced attack (the longer attack animations)
  • "hitSounds": Triggers when the NPC takes damage
  • "deathSounds": Triggers when the NPC dies “normally”
  • "slowDeathSounds": Triggers when the NPC dies “slowly” (e.g. a stab kill)
  • "fallingSounds": Triggers when the NPC is falling (e.g. from a ledge)
  • "tauntSounds": Triggers randomly within a predetermined time interval
  • "friendlyDeathSounds": Triggers when a friendly NPC dies
  • "grabSounds": Triggers when you grab an NPC
  • "telegrabSounds": Triggers when you use telekinesis on an NPC using the mod “Dark Chains” (only works if Dark Chains is installed)

At this point, I recommend that you categorize your audio clips into different folders depending on which voice event you plan on having each of your voice lines associated with (see image below).

However, you are not required to have audio clips for each voice event for your voice pack to work. You can also use the same audio clips for different voice events e.g. using “deathSounds” as “slowDeathSounds”.