How to add new game (UMM)

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How to

The UnityModManager can support most of games made on the Unity engine, you just need to create rules for how the UMM will interact with game.
Find 'UnityModManagerConfig.xml' configuration file and add the code for the new game.

<GameInfo Name="Some Game">

Only all fields need to be replaced by your actual data.

Some details

Name - Game name.
Folder - Name of game folder, for example, as in steam. UMM will try to find path to game by this name.
ModsDirectory - Mods folder.
ModInfo - The info file from which to start scripts.
GameExe - Game launch file. Required for Doorstop method.
EntryPoint - The path to function where UMM will be installed. Required for Assembly method.
StartingPoint - The path to function where the mods will be loaded. Required for Doorstop and Assembly method.
UIStartingPoint - The path to function where to start UMM UI. Optional.
OldPatchTarget - For new games is not needed.

How to find the Point

Open the 'Assembly-CSharp.dll' file (located in the 'Game_Data\Managed' game folder) via the Dnspy tool.
Look for a function that runs as early as possible. Most often their class is called App, Main, Menu.
You should have as [Assembly-CSharp.dll]App.Awake:After
App - Class (add namespace if present).
Awake - Function.
:After :Before - Run before or after.


If the UMM UI appears when starting game, it means it works.
Send the new code to the forum and with next update it will be added to UMM.