Formating and BBCode in Descriptions

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This article is about using BBCode to format file descriptions and articles. It has been taken, adapted and expanded from the article written by Skinnynerd on TESNexus.

BBCode tags are a form of safe mark-up used to format the content you write to the site in a more appealing or organised manner. They can be used in file, image and article descriptions as well as comments on files, images and articles.

Note: Due to limitations in the way the site handles code in the descriptions, the tags cannot be shown as they should be. All Syntax code has an extra space before and after the code. The actual code has no spaces between the brackets.


Syntax: [ b ] Bold [ /b ]

Example: Bold


Syntax: [ u ] Underline [ /u ]

Example: Underline


Syntax: [ i ] Italic [ /i ]

Example: Italic


Sytax: [ s ]Strikethrough[ /s ]

Example: Strikethrough

Font Face

Syntax: [ font="Impact" ] Impact Font [ /font ]

Example: Impact Font

Font Color

Syntax 1: [ color=yellow ] Font Color [ /color ]

Syntax 2: [ color=#ffff00 ] Font Color [ /color ]

Example: Font Color


Syntax: [ heading ] This is a heading [ /heading ]


This is a heading


Syntax: [ line ]


Above the line

Below the line

Unordered Lists


[ list ]

[ * ]Something

[ * ]Something

[ /list ]


  • Something
  • Something

Ordered Lists


[ list=1 ]

[ * ]Something

[ * ]Something

[ /list ]


  1. Something
  1. Something

Centered text

Syntax: [ center ]Centered[ /center ]



Right-aligned text

Syntax: [ right ]Right[ /right ]




Syntax: [ url= ] OBMM How-To Site [ /url ]

Example: OBMM How-To Site


Syntax: [ quote ] I am quoting someone [ /quote ]



I am quoting someone

Embedded Images

Syntax: [ img ] [ /img ]

Example: 128909-1237129500.jpg

Aligned Images

Syntax: [ img=right ] [ /img ]


Embedded YouTube Videos

Syntax: [ youtube ] i2YkKJfoz3c [ /youtube ]

EmbedVideo is missing a required parameter.


  • Although the forums will take the URL value surrounded by quotes or without, the Nexus description does not like the URL value surrounded by quotes.
  • The fonts are displayed by the computer reading the webpage. If that computer doesn't have the font, the font tag doesn't work. The following fonts are displayed in the menu on the forums:

Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Book Antiqua, Century Gothic, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Franklin Gothic Medium, Garamond, Georgia, Impact, Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Unicode, Microsoft Sans Serif, Palatino Linotype, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Verdana

  • The YouTube tag only needs the movie id (after the v=), not the whole address.
  • Images can also be put in the <Images> tab of files; don't use them in the text unless they are necessary.
  • Centered text can be far away from the rest of the description if the user has a big screen. Keep this is mind when using center tags.
  • Some colors can make descriptions hard to read. In general, stay away from dark colors. Yellow and green show up very well.
  • A good idea is to make a post on the forums, where you have access to post previews and BBcode toolbar. Then copy the whole thing (Ctrl-C) and paste it into the description or article (Ctrl-V). Then, discard the post.