Fallout 3 cheat codes

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To use cheat codes, you need to access the console. The default console key is tilde (~). Once you are in console mode, you can type the commands below and press ENTER. The quantity can usually be set to whatever you want. I use 100 as an example.

Adds 100 bottle caps (money) to your inventory

player.additem 0000000f 100

Adds 100 Stimpaks to your inventory

player.additem 00015166 100

Enable / Disable God mode


Enable / Disable no clipping

To go through walls / fly


Toggle menu / HUD

Mainly used for clean screenshots


Toggle free camera

To move your camera around. Mainly used for positioning view for screenshots


Unlock the selected item

Be sure to click on the door / gate / box before typing the command.


Immediately kill the selected enemy

Be sure to click on the enemy before typing the command.


Configure Dogmeat (your dog companion) to be essential

To not allow it to die.

setessential 6a772 1

Change your character's name


Change your character's gender


Display the Character Creation screen


Bring a character/animal back to life

Be sure to click on the person/animal before typing the command.


Allow your character to use Power Armor without training for it

SetPCCanUsePowerArmor 1

Adamantium Skeleton perk

Take less damage

Player.AddPerk 00094EC4

Animal Friend perk

Level 1 - Animals will not attack you, Level 2 - Animals help you fight

Player.AddPerk 00031DB5

Better Criticals perk

Increased damage during critical hit

Player.AddPerk 00031DBB

Commando perk

Increased accuracy with 2-handed weapons in VATS

Player.AddPerk 00099828

Comprehension perk

Best used before reading any skill books to give +2 skills

Player.AddPerk 00031DE1

Educated perk

Best when used early in the game - +3 skills each level

Player.AddPerk 00031DD8

Finesse perk

Better chance to score critical hit

Player.AddPerk 00094EC1

Gun Nut perk

Increase Small Guns and Repair - Multiple levels

Player.AddPerk 0004494E

Mister Sandman perk

Sneak and kill people in their sleep

Player.AddPerk 00031DAD

Mysterious Stranger perk

Get occasional help while in VATS

Player.AddPerk 00031DBC

Sniper perk

Chance for Headshots increased

Player.AddPerk 00031DB4

Strong Back perk

Carry more

Player.AddPerk 00031DDE


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