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HellsMaster Note: I forgot the take screenshots of the Wrye Bash section, if you got time please take some and edit it.

Requirments and Prerequisites

- Oblivion Patch 1.2.046

- Wrye Bash 2.9+

- CM Partners Basic mod

- A Custom Race

- Construction Set

- Minor Wrye bash knowledge


In this tutorial I shall show you all how to make a custom race (i.e. a custom user made non vanilla oblivion race). As example I shall be using tiffawolfs awesome Wolven Anthros (be sure to check it out). I recommend using this mod to make your first CM as it will be understandable. I shall include Screenshots as certain windows. We will use Blackie's template NPC as base so if you wish to add more specific behaviour check his tutorial in his CM Mod.

STAGE 1: [Creating the base partner]

First off download the required tools if you don’t have them, install them and install your custom race if not installed. Now open the Construction Set, click on the first tab labelled File then click on Data:


A windows showing the list of plugins installed will open up like so:

Plugin list.png

Tick Oblivion.esm, CM Partners.esm and CM Partners.esp then press OK.

A window will pop up saying “You have not set a file as the active file. Do you wish to continue?” Click Yes.

The CS will now load up the selected plugins. It takes around 2 minutes to load them.

Now there are 4 Windows open: The main CS window, the Object Window, the Cell View Window and the Render Window.


In The object window on the left side find the NPC category and click on it, do not touch the sub race category. Now scroll down till you find the NPCs starting with the prefix “cm” as show below.

We shall make a female Wolven Anthros so we are going to use a female CM as base. Double click cmRandi and the following windows will pop up:

Npc overview.png

Edit the first box named ID and change it to anything you want for example cmAerith. Edit the name also and call it anything you want, such as Aerith. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE AT THIS POINT.

Click OK and a window will pop up titles Create New Object and click Yes.

Now save your plugin in File/ Save and name it “cmAerith” for example.

Now in the Cell View window find a place where you want your CM to be, we shall use Anvil mages Guild. Scroll down and find it then double click it. The Render window will now display it. Press the Down Key [Arrow key on the keyboard] then the Left Key to centre the window then Zoom in with your mouse scroll, zoom in till your next to the floor.

Now in the NPC window drag and drop your cmAerith in the Render window. A window will pop up asking about moving a quest object, click Yes then press F to put your NPC on ground level.

Save again then quit the CS.

At this stage, you have a created a standard CM Partner, you can go and play with it now or you can make it into a custom Race partner and customize its face, attributes and gear.

STAGE 2: [Customizing the partner and making it a custom race]

Open up Wrye Bash.

Find the Wolven Anthro.esp plugin and right click it and click Copy to esm. You have a master plugin out of the standard plug in. Now find cmAerith, right click it and click on Add Master. A window will pop up and find your Wolven Anthro.esm and click OK.

Leave Wrye Bash open and open the CS up.

Tick Oblivion.esm, CM Partners.esm and CM Partners.esp and cmAerith.esp. Click on cmAerith.esp and under the window click Set as Active File then Press OK. [NOTE: you set your plugin as active file as we are going to save the changes on the plugin.]

Now on the main ribbon, click Character then Race.


A window will appear with the playable race in it. Right Click on Wolven Anthro and click duplicate, see below:


Optional: If you wish to alter the race in any way, click on the Duplicated race which will be called WolvenanthroCOPY000 and edit it in any way you want [I Do not recommend it] When you’re done click OK, and the window will close.

Now head back to the NPC window and find your cmAerith and double click it. Set the Race as wolvenanthroCOPY000 click OK. Go to File/ Data and just click OK. This step is for the CS to make the changes to the race. Now you can go ahead and customize your cm’s stuff.

Class: Choose which class you want your cm to be. I selected Blade Master.

Combat Style: choose any you want but one with cm in front of it. I choose cmDefaultPaladin

In the tab inventory, add anything you want. Delete only armor and nothing else. In Face, click reset face and choose your hair color, age and complexion. To customize how your face looks click on the next tab.

Now select the Hair and eyes of your cm. [Next to the cancel button]

When you’re done, click OK then save.

Quit the CS and load Wrye Bash

Find your cmAerith plugin and select it.

In the right hand side right click the Wolven Anthro.esm (A window will say advanced user only blah blah just click Yes] and find the original Wolven Anthro.esp Click the Button Save.

Find the Wolven Anthro.esm and delete it.

Activate your cmAerith plugin.

Play the game!

And that’s concludes this tutorial! You can find the mod I made while doing this tutorial on TesNexus which can be found here. This is my result:

Aerith and Orion.jpg


If you need any help, you can contact me via TesNexus where I am named HellsMaster Hope it helps!

Credits and kudos to: LHammonds for helping me out making this Wikia page.

Tiffawolf for the awesome race

Blackie for the CM Partners Basic mod

Jin1 for his/her tutorial which can be found here