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XComGame.exe is the executable of the game, the program that launches it. It's installed under the game installation path \Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\ and is located in the .\Binaries\Win32 sub-folder. It contains all the content used by the game engine cooked-in or embedded within XComGame.exe.

The vast majority of the the other installed configuration files are under the same installation path:

    • UPK files are located in .\XComGame\CookedPCConsole.
    • INI files are located in .\XComGame and .\Engine sub-folder \Config.
    • INT files are located in .\XComGame and .\Engine sub-folder \Localization\INT (for English, and other country codes for other languages).
    • Movie files are located in .\XComGame\Movies.

However, these installed configuration files are informational only, from the original release of the game. Modifications are not made to those files, but rather to their 'cooked-in' equivalents within the patched executable XComGame.exe.

Programs and Tools

Different tools are used to apply mods to different parts of the game executable, which correspond to the different types of configuration files. Those types that are currently modded are UPK, INI, INT, SWF, and texture files.

See the articles Modding XCOM:EU 2012, Flash SWF Editing, and Modding Tools - XCOM:EU 2012.


Separate Content

  • Tactical elements are most commonly found in the sub-file XComGame.upk.
  • Strategic elements are most commonly found in the sub-file XComStrategyGame.upk.
  • Simulated and native functions implemented as Adobe Flash Actionscripts, along with SWF Sprites for icons (Weapons, Perks, Flags ,etc.) and User Interface (UI) displays are most commonly found in the sub-files Command1.upk and GlobalPersistentCookerData.upk.


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