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This is the way to transfer a Player Character from one saved game to another, a little tutorial I made for this threada while back.

Please Note: If you wish to transfer an NPC's face to your Player Character, (whether it's a mod-added NPC or an NPC from within the original game) please see this helpful tutorial posted on the SpellHoldStudios forums. It's a little bit more difficult but very effective. NPC Face to Player Character tutorial

Ok, follow the cursor:

IN WRYE BASH: First, find the savegame that does not have the face you want in it, the one you want to replace with the new face. (It will probably be your newest new gamesave.)

Wrye Bash face import image 1.jpg

Select it, and right-click to open the context menu, select "import face":

Wrye Bash face import image 2.jpg

You'll get a new window to browse to find the savegame with the "Good" face, the face you want. (This will be the bad savegame with the encumbrance issue):

Wrye Bash face import image 3.jpg

Select it and click open:

Wrye Bash face import image 4.jpg

Wrye Bash face import image 5.jpg

You get the Import window, notice there are two different faces to choose from, I know that the top one is the right one by it's ID number, (you can double check the ID number in the bad savegame, by opening the console and clicking your character, the form ID will be there with her name):

Wrye Bash face import image 6.jpg

So then select the correct one if there's more than one, or the only one if there's only one there:

Wrye Bash face import image 7.jpg

On the bottom right, you can see all the elements available for importing with the face, click to check the boxes you want. (Name Race Gender Stats Class). If you want only the Face and the Stats, just check those. If you only want the Stats just check that. If you only want the Face just click to check that one.

Wrye Bash face import image 8.jpg

Once you have everything you want selected, click the IMPORT button. You'll get a message saying "Face Imported"

Wrye Bash face import image 9.jpg

Open up your new game and find your old friend waiting for you :)