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Based on Neovalen's Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition
Created and Maintained by Darth_mathias and DarkladyLexy
Last Update: 0:21:07 2 July 2022 (GMT)

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Page Two: The Mod List
Quick Links
GUIDE SUPPORT: Support and assistance in the installation and troubleshooting of problems related to this guide are availiable in two locations - either will eventually get you the help you need. The first is located on the STEP Forums. The second, more real-time, location is on Lexy's LOTD Discord Channel.
MOD SUGGESTIONS: Don't see a mod in the list that you think needs to be included? Check on Lexy's Suggested Mods Trello board to be sure it hasn't already been suggested, is in testing, or has been previously rejected.
Guide Page Links
Page 1: Introduction and Prerequisites
Page 2: The Mod List. YOU ARE HERE
Page 3: The Merge Page
Page 4: The Finishing Line
Page 5: Recommended MCM Settings
Page 6: Troubleshooting
Page 7: Changelog
Page 8: FOMOD Resources


My husband Darth Mathias for putting up with my madness.
Neovalen without whom there would be no SRLE in the first place.
TechAngel for his guide.
Members of my development team: Nozzer, Berndaroy, jdsmith2816, Sthaagg, mtreis86, dreadflopp, Hazado, Knight Flier, KorruptkSwade, BuddyKidd,
Skeleton Jack, Tzefira and Nathan.
Razorsedge877 for laying some of the groundwork.
Michael of Gamerpoets for his wonderful and numerous tutorial videos.
Cal of Dirty Weasel Media for his numerous videos.
Rasafim for the updated SSE Fixes DLL Plugin.
SirJesto - For help in learning how to resolve conflicts.
Decopauge123 - For all his help and continuing support.
Sm0kem - For setting up and maintaining the Discord server.
Diana_TES_GotH - For all her help and advice. She also is working on a Morroblivion Overhaul. 
Evertiro - For all his help and support. he is also working on his own guide LOTD Plus
Malc - For updating The Great Equalizer Script for use with Morrowloot Ultimate.
PheonixSunstar001 for his video series on how to install this guide. Check him out here
ponurymazepa for his helpful videos check out his guide for MO2 beginners.
Pickysaurus for help with wiki formatting.
Last but by no means least, all of you that have used, tested and helped me out along the way with the development of this guide.