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To quickly create quest index pages for mod wikis on Nexus Mods. It is recommended you call the template as {{subst:ModPage/Quests}}


none currently

Example Code



Main Quests
Name EDID Overview
A main quest MQ01 This is the standard a quest.
Another Quest MQ02 Remove the !-- and -- tags below this section to allow the main quests to be called on another page by adding the following code {{:ModPage/Quests}}. Useful for having a shortened version of your quest list on the mod page. Will also have a link back to this page.
Side Quests
Name EDID Overview
Side Quest SQ01 Side quest here
Radiant Quests
Name EDID Overview
Radiant Quest FF01 Radiant, repeatable quests
Misc Quests
Name EDID Overview
Misc Quest MISC01 Minor quest, usually single objective in the Misc category
Utility Quests
Name EDID Overview
Utility Quest UQ01 A documentation of quests that control functions of a mod e.g. MCM quests.