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This page would need at least a description of WHAT access the Vortex Mod Manager needs on the system.

This would have to include:

  • WHAT folders?
  • WHAT files?
  • WHAT access mode (read/write/execute)?

Without that, the page is completely useless except for the one specific antivirus software mentioned there and for completely naive people.


In my case, i have not a single bloody anti virus software installed, but instead configured my system by my own hands to be impenetrable for most cases of unwanted-wannabe-managers of files and resources. For ME to be able to add exceptions, i need a hint from the blocked process of what he is trying to achieve and what he thinks he needs for that.

In the specific example on this page, a file in a user folder is being discussed. It's being stated that those bloody antivirus bloatware would be blocking write access to that file. In MY case, there is no blocking of write access to the files of the user running the process.Thus, when I with MY account call Vortex.exe to be executed, this process will have no problem whatsoever to read or write whatever file it likes in the user folder of that (MY) account. BUT STILL, Vortex cries about being blocked by some antivirus software.

The only access mode it will not get in the users folder is "execute". That has a well justified reason: I enforce a strict write-xor-execute rule on my systems, since about 20 years (since Win XP). No Malware that any process i use on a daily basis (especially games and javascript apps in websites) has any chance to install itself or anything downloaded driving by in any way on computers under my control. Any Mod Manager that wants to work on my computers MUST comply with that rule. It MAY get exceptions, but those exceptions MUST be pin-pointedly described. "is being blocked from running file operations" is in no way not even distantly near that requirement.

I have the impression that Vortex either wants to write to some files in his install folder OR wants to execute some batch files in the users folder. So: WHAT files exactly does it want to write or execute and WHAT of those both modes exactly does it want to do?

I know i COULD get along with "procmon", but it's much easier to go back to the good old Nexus Mod Manager. THAT one got that right. Being discontinued or not.