Removing havoc on an object

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This tutorial will show you how to turn off the havoc of an item, essentially forcing a retrievable inventory item to stay still like a static object. This can have many applications. For instance, a sword hanging in mid-air, or building structures out of bricks that normally would collapse with havoc collision. This tutorial assumes you have very little experience using TES Construction Set and zero experience using NifSkope.

Required Tools

TES Construction Set

Remove havoc on an object

Opening the mesh
Changing the properties
Creating the object
  1. Once you have NifSkope installed on your computer and running, click the Load button at the top of the screen and pick the file that you want to alter (remember we are turning a havoced object into a static object, so this must be an item with havoc).
  2. When the file is loaded and you can see the mesh in the black window, go to the Block List window and open the NiNode block.
  3. From there, open the bhkCollisionObject block.
  4. You should now see a block titled bhkRigidBody. Select this block.
  5. Now find your Block Details window and scroll down until you find the properties Motion System and Quality Type.
  6. Change Motion System's value from MO_SYS_BOX to MO_SYS_KEYFRAMED
  7. Change Quality Type's value from MO_QUAL_MOVING to MO_QUAL_FIXED (the Quality Type's value could also be MO_QUAL_MOVING2 or MO_QUAL_MOVING3, but change it in any case)
  8. Now, the mesh should be motionless. There are a few more steps to get the mesh in game, however. Save the mesh as a new .nif file by clicking the Save As button at the top of the screen. Save the mesh anywhere under the Oblivion\Data\Meshes folder.
  9. Open up the TES Construction Set and the plugin you are creating. Find the object window and select the Items menu on the left. Depending on what type of object you are altering, you may need to go to the Ammo, Apparatus, Armor, Book, Clothing, Ingredient, Key, MiscItem, SigilStone, Soulgem, or Weapon sub-menu. This tutorial assumes you are altering a weapon, but it could be any of the above objects. You should check to determine which type is your object.
  10. In the list of objects that appears in the right side of the window, find the original object that you are altering. Double click it so the window to edit the object appears.
  11. Change the ID of the object to your own unique name.
  12. Click the button that holds the ".NIF" file and pick your new mesh with the file chooser.
  13. Now, you can alter the rest of the values (like the name) to whatever you wish.
  14. Once you are done, press Ok to create the new object (say yes to the prompt).
  15. Place the new object where you need it. You are done!


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