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Readme files are important no matter what kind of mod/file you share on the Internet. They give a description for the purpose of why you shared the file. It is also very important to include a permissions/licensing/legal section to explain how you would like this file to be used. You may be surprised at how creative people can be if allowed to use your work and may even think of ways to improve it that you never imagined.

It is also important to include your information as well if you would like to be given credit for it or to let people know how to contact you. If you had help from other people or resources, be sure to include them in a credits section.

Do not assume that what you type on a forum or web page will "go with" your file. Web sites come and go but the original archives can be re-uploaded to other places and most of the times, the only thing that survives about the original description, information and whatnot are what is included in the archive, specifically the Readme file.

Be sure to include a readme file with whatever you create and share.

LHammonds believed that a readme file is so important, that he created a utility called the Oblivion Readme Generator.


Here are some samples of what the Oblivion Readme Generator can produce:

The same format can also be modified for use with other games:


LHammonds Oblivion Mods Site