Oblivion basic scripting

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For this we are going to make a script that will add a fortify health scroll, flare scroll, elven short sword, and varla stones.

First you need a script name. For this start with "Scn" or "ScriptName"

The format is easy

***** ******

**** *****

Simple. Now to start the script....

Scn 01 AddItemsSCRIPT1
BeginOn Activate
Player.AddItem 000888DB 1
Player.AddItem 000888BE 1
Player.AddItem 00035E64 1
Player.AddItem 00000194 3
MessageBox "You recieved a fortify health scroll, flare scroll, elven shortsword, and three varla stones."

The message box will let you know after Activating the object you recieved the items.

Adding 01 infront of your script name will make it easy to find because scripts are organized alphabeticly. Script must be in the script name for it to opperate as a script!

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