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A short gameplay enhancement guide based around Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul that works well with my Oblivion Vanilla Enhanced guide.


Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul

Name Description Installation
OOO - Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul - Updated The overhaul itself. Download the main files and "OOO - KotN" and "OOO Misc Files" from the optional files. Extract all the files to your Oblivion\Data folder except for "OOO Misc Files". For "OOO Misc Files", extract only the OOOExtended.esp from the "OOO Extended (No Swords)" folder. If you skipped the AliveWaters mod, then you should also download "OOO Add-ons" from the optional files and extract "OOO-Water_Weeds.esp" to your Oblivion\Data directory.
OOO Shivering Isles OOO for the Shivering Isles. Download both main files and extract the following to Oblivion\Data:
The "00 Core" folder from "ESPs and optional files"
Everything from "Resource BSA"
Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul Extended More Equipment and Creatures for OOO. Download and extract the "Meshes" and "Textures" main files to Oblivion\Data. You don't need "OOOExtended esps".
More Effective Enchantments Increases number of uses on enchanted weapons so that they match the new weapons from OOO Extended. Download and extract the main esp and ini file, and the Knights and OOO esps from the plugins folder to Oblivion\Data. Open More Effective Enchantments.ini and set MEE.ini_enchantment to 4.
Real Chameleon Rebalance No more 100% chameleon, otherwise known as god mode. Download and extract to the appropriate directory.
OOO-Rebalanced Weakens aspects of OOO that are too overpowered and makes some skills and items more useful. Download and extract to the appropriate directory.
Unleveled Quest Rewards Removes level scaling from quest rewards. Download and extract both esps to the appropriate directory.
OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice Covers any missing voice file so you have time to read the dialog, OOO adds new NPCs without one. Download and extract to the appropriate directory.
OOO Services Fix Fixes certain characters not offering services with OOO. Download and extract to the appropriate directory.


Name Description Installation
Altar of Disenchanting Lets you re-enchant your own items. Download and extract to the appropriate directory.
Better recoil and stagger Adds a few new animations to vastly improve Oblivion's melee combat. Download and extract to the appropriate directory.
MenuQue - OBSE Plugin Prerequisite for Oblivion XP Update. Download v16b and extract to the appropriate directory.
Oblivion XP Update Traditional experience point leveling system, very easy to configure with its ini file. Download the main file and extract the Core and Darnified UI folders to Oblivion\Data.
Semi-Auto Attempt Lock Picking Automatically unlocks chests/doors if your security skill is above a certain threshold. Download and extract to the appropriate directory.
SM Plugin Refurbish DLC delayer. OOOSI already includes the Shivering Isles plugin so there's no need to install it from here as well. Download and extract the Knights esp and the esps for any other DLC you use from the "Individual Plugins" folder to Oblivion\Data. Don't extract the Shivering Isles plugin.