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The OBMM How-To web site is my contribution to the Oblivion modding community.

The site tries to accomplish 2 goals:

  1. Provide OBMM script examples.
  2. Provide tutorials such as how to create OMODs, manipulate images, file organization, etc.

Oblivion Mod Manager (by Timeslip) is a brilliant tool for anyone using or creating mods for Oblivion.

Many people state how they use it but I rarely see OMOD versions being uploaded simple because authors do not want to "force" people to use OBMM, authors do not want to support multiple uploads or authors simply do not know enough about creating OMODs.

I believe I have a solution for this and I call it OMOD-Ready™. If you create your mod and package it as an OMOD and then use OBMM to convert it back to an archive, it will preserve all your OMOD settings which will allow end-users to quickly re-create the OMOD exactly as you had it (and make their own changes if they want) or they can simply extract it like any other archive and manually install it. Either way, authors can give end-users the best of both worlds.