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I do not like Fallout 3, mainly because of its flaws. That being said i played trough Fallout 3 then i played Fallout 2 then i played Fallout 1, just in case you ask: "Is F1/F2 worth getting?" i suggest stop asking and get them cheap from Interplay instead. They are worth playing, they make Fallout 3 look bad in a way.

On to the actual topic, there was no modification list available on the nexus that covered the subject of nostalgia, so I decided to create one. This list contains various things, sorted up in sections. If you create a nostalgic mod, look here first. It might already be made or you could aim for compatibility with one already made. If however you make a mod regarding this, PM me so I can update the list to include your modification!

Note: Some may mods be incompatible with others, some do the exactly the same, some do various parts of the same. Most regarding gameplay uses working formulas, some mods might work ridiculously good with some others. And lots under Nostalgia are guns (changed model name skin, etc).

So here it goes:

Game Play

The Fallout 3 Compendium by Dubby

QZ traits by quetzilla

Closer to Classics - Perks and Traits by Alexander Strahan

Closer to Classics - Hitpoints by Alexander Strahan

Character Traits by Sethcreiyd

SPECIAL is FATE by ilinary_rus

Pointiac by Shabador

TAG by sbrengard

Raygun Classic by Cantuse

Energy Weapons Overhaul by Joolander

Classic AP and Carry Weight by Starke

Classic Skill Books by exoromeo

Finally Turnbased by Jedidia

VATS pause and partial turn-based combat[/url by Mentil

No Repair Needed by Gel214th

Radiation Redux qzilla

Original levelup sound by Crazy Anus

Ziomsters Classic ADVANCED Power Armor Mod by Ziomster04

Claw - Power Armor Training by Claw

Classic Chems - After Effects by exoromeo

joefoxx Fallout Classic Weapons Mod by joefoxx082

Brotherhood of Steel - Diverse Armor Talonfire

Improved Turret Reprogramming and Hacking 1-4

Explosive Entry by Lap

Killable Children V1-2 by Neclipse

Killable NPC by Merijn


CLOSE TO FALLOUT - Return of the Talking Heads by MaFFej

CLOSE TO FALLOUT - Menu Screens by MaFFej

CLOSE TO FALLOUT - Cursor plus Crosshair by MaFFej

Fallout 3 Item Descriptions by Mikael Grizzly

Classic Wasteland Creatures Retexture FalloutRaven

Classic Advanced Power Armor by Lexx

Classic Combat Shotgun Lexx

Classic Spear by Lexx

Cats Paw Bobblehead replacement by Lexx

Classic Laser Rifle FX by Lexx

Classic Fallout Weapons BETA by War1982

Classic P94 Plasma Rifle ver 2 by DaiShi

Pipboy Item Descriptions by weedking

No karma messages by ziher

No Karma for Stealing Yam Nad

Classic Fallout Weapons Pipboy Item Descriptions for MTUI by Zenball

Original Combat Armour by MikaelGrizzly

Classic MEC Gauss Minigun by DaiShi

Classic Tesla Metal ArmorDaiShi

Classic YK42B Pulse Rifle by DaiShi

Classic HK L30 Gatling Laser by DaiShi

Combat shotgun retexture Joolander

Classic Style Vault by ADCK

Remove That Glove


Tricking enemies with your armor by iliary_rus

Quick Start by SethCreiyd

No More Car Explosions by Mikael Grizzly

GTS - Global Travel System by Yossaria22

Vault 13 and Vault 15 by Cliffworms

18.03.09: Updated

20.03.09 Updated

24.03.09 Updated