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Commonly we find people ranting on these boards about how they can barely ever find any armors that aren't built to be sexy. While such things are appreciated by the community (otherwise they wouldn't have such a high download count) there are the few of us that want something more... substantial.

This is what I seek to make a list of - links to armor mods that are for us who do not wish for these "Sexy armors" that is easily accessible by the community. If you find one that is not listed her, by all means please post a link and I will edit the first post to include it into the list. In the same Vein, if I have made some kind of mistake, please tell me so that I may correct it.

Those marked with an Asterick (*) have a 'Sexy' armor included in the mod

A final note, remember this can be for either gender, not just one of them.

The list so far, in no Particular Order:

Lost Paladins Of The Divines and it's addon

Sauron's Armor

Apophis Armory of The Silver Dragon

AT2 02-Shiki Armor Set

Pale_Rider's Armor of Dragons Nightmare

pale_riders Armory of the Berserker

pale_riders Armory of the Divine Guardian

pale_riders Armory of the Nordic Warrior

pale_riders Dragonhunter Reloaded

pale_riders Paladin Equipment

pale_riders Pirate Reloaded

tda Armoury

Druid Armors and weapons

Frostmourne and Lich Kings Armor

Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul 133

Francescos leveled creatures items mod

Lera and Pizz Hiyoko Store*

AlexScorpions Sneaking Gear

Maddogs Fantasy Mod

Hashshashin Armor

Ranger Armor and Light Daedric Armor

Ringwraith Mod

Nightshade Armor

Bloodeus Unique Stuff

Assassins Creed-Altairs Gear by Nexon



Romuska Fantasy Store*

Tyrael Armor

Blades Ceremonial Armour

Adonnays Ranger Coats

tdas Witchking Helm

Daedric Lord Armor

Berserk Berserker Armor


Pegasus Armor Set

Nicos Dreadweave Complete

Underworld armor

Dread Knight Armor and Weapons

The Spartan Project

Shdow Armor set Sotonhorian

UFF_RM Assassin Elite Armor

Platinum Armor and Weapons

Knightly Armory

Bonemold Helmet

Ghogiels Armor

Ninja Armor

SPARTAN VIs Diverse City Guards

UFF_RM Archmage Battle Armor

Elven Elite Armor

Aragorns Royal Gear

Mem BioSuit

Armor of the Dark Lord

Morrigan Armor Set

Shdw Armor Pack


Andragorns weapons and armors

Noble Plate Armory

Town Ceremonial Armor

Lera and Pizz VampireHunter

UFF Robert Tona simple dress-armor

Greek Hero Armors and Weapons

pizz FinalFantasyXI WhiteMageAF

Legend of Zelda

Shdw Armor pack 2

Leras Knight Armor

Banes Guilds United

Frost Atronach Armor

BW Armory

Dark Beast Clothes*

Slofs Giger Armour*

Namiras Embrace

Amber Knights Armory

Black Plate Armor


Vvardenfell Imports and it's addon

Drakes Guardian Equipment

Grim Reaper Expanded

Slofs Thieves Vest for Robert Male

Crynet Systems Nanosuit

Wooden Armor

Armour of the Grey Wolf

White Leather Armor

Maafiaman Dragon Skin Armor

Laurana Kanan Armor


Armored Robes by Naga

Rebel Pilot Betas

Lex Assorted Armour


Heavy Legion Armor

Lex Misc Clothes*

Lextons Scales Armour

SOLDIER First Class Crisis Core Uniform

Running4Covers Welkynd Armors

Deathbone Armor

The Knights Templar

Robes of the Seraphim

Dwemer Princess Armor

Unrepentant Archer

Archers Desire

Dwarven Armor Reforged

Savage Assasin Armour

UFF Blood Ice Recolored*

Red Typhoon

Rangers Shroud Armor

Syl Male Armor

VH Robe Set

SPB Light Armors

SPB Light Armor 2

SPB Mercenary Armors

P3 Aigis armor

M Redguard Scaled Armor

Saiyan Ranger Armor

Rogue Leather Armour*

Alyx Vance Set

Ayhans Knight Slayer Armory

AT2 Dress Armor Set

Eternal Dragon Armor


ANB Hunters Coat and Hat

Journeyman armor

Night Knight Armor

True Ayleid Armor*

Plate of the Shadow*

Athena Armour*

Battlemage Armory

Underworld armor

Adelina Armor

Tona WhiteSquall

The Dungeons of Ivellon

Verona House Bloodlines

Oblivion Warcry. Note that This link is off the nexus, and is out of their control

UFF Patch for Black Swan Boutique

Undead Races and Shop

Elytra Armor and Weapons

Syntyches Cavern Armor Shop

Fudangi Outfit

SPB Armour - Sanguine Retexture