Moving Fallout 3 from the default location

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It would be a good idea to back up everything in your fallout 3 folder, and the saves and the Fallout3.ini first.

After saving everything to a folder outside of the Fallout 3 folder

  1. Make a new folder - C:\Games

  2. Move - Do not copy the fallout 3 folder from the Bethesda Softworks folder into it.

  3. Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Bethesda Softworks find the fallout3 folder located there.

  4. Right click on the fallout 3 folder and hold it down

  5. Drag it to the new folder and release. a drop down menu will appear, Select MOVE from the menu.

  6. Your new games folder should now show C:\Games\Fallout 3. And the Fallout 3 folder should be gone from the Bethesda Softworks folder.

You do not need to move the saved games or FALLOUT.INI. the game will know where to find them.

Now, you probably have a Fallout 3 icon on your desktop (or wherever you put it when you installed) Check to see if it works. It probably will not. If it does, you are finished.

If it does not, delete it.

  1. Then open the new folder C:\Games\Fallout 3. find the Falout3.exe. RIGHT click on it.

  2. From the menu select 'Create Shortcut'

  3. You should get a message stating that it cannot create a new shortcut in this location and asking if it should create it on the desktop - Answer Yes.

  4. If you want the start icon in some other place, move it there.

Now, remove the CD and put it up somewhere safe where you will not forget where it is. The game will now start using the icon, and no longer needs the CD.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.