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This is a video series of 6 parts, teaching you how to model and texture a silencer using modern game art techniques. We'll be using 3ds Max 2011 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Picture of the end result


Part 1 - making the high poly model

Part 2 - making and unwrapping the low poly model

Part 3 - baking (render to texture

Part 4 - Texturing pt. 1

Part 5 - Texturing pt. 2

Part 6, final - Texturing pt. 3

Nifty thingamajiggers

The brush set I use

xNormal, a really nifty program with even niftier bundled Photoshop plugins.

TexTools, *the* 3ds Max plugin to have.

If you've got any questions, my MSN is