Making animated weapons

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How to make animated weapons tutorial:

1. Download \"The Rotating Mace\" mod from here.

2. Open your weapon and the Rotating Mace in Nifskope.

3. Create a new NiNodeand make it child to the mother node (0), name it eg. Moving.

4. Place all NiTriStrips you want animated under your newly created node named Moving.

5. Copy the NiTransformController from the Rotating Mace. Paste it in your weapon.

6. Change your NiNode named moving\'s Controller to the number of the NiTransformController (eg 39).

7. Open the NiTransformController, change it\'s target to the moving blocks number (eg. 38).

8. If you want to change the animation change the NiTransformData-block.

If you\'re done everything right your weapon should now start to spin!

A image of the nodes can be found here