Legacy of the Dragonborn/Quests

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Main Quests
Name EDID Overview
An Interesting Prospect DBM_MuseumJoinQST This is the standard introductory quest for Legacy of the Dragonborn.
Dragonborn Gallery (Quest) DBM_RelicHunterQST An alternative starting quest used in conjunction with Alternative Start: Live Another Life.
Night at the Museum DBM_HauntedMuseumQuest Something is amiss at the museum, it has been closed to the public while Brother Ikard investigates.
Shadows of One's Past DBM_MuseumHiest Dastardly figures from Avram's past have resurfaced and cleaned out your museum!
Shattered Legacy DBM_RelicQuest The culmination of your efforts with Auryen, Shattered Legacy takes you all over Skyrim recovering relics of previous Dragonborn of history.
A Room with a View DBM_ExplorerGuildHouse Auryen has an idea to build a guild centred around archaeology.
Digging Up Explorers DBM_ExplorerGuildmembers Now that you've built the Explorer's Society Guild House it's time to seek some new members.
The Excavation of Windcaller Pass DBM_Excavation01 Uncover the hidden valley of Windcaller Pass and collect it's treasures.
The Excavation of the Ruins of Rkund DBM_Excavation02 Excavate a long forgetting Dwemer ruin full of challenging puzzles.
The Visage DBM_Excavation03Prelude After following the mysterious ghost under Fort Greenwall you uncover an ancient Snow Elf ruin.
Trial of Trinimac DBM_Excavation03 Beat the Falmer in an epic crusade to retrieve the Neb-Crescen.
Side Quests
Name EDID Overview
It Belongs in a Museum DBM_MuseumIndarysQuest You are sent to retrieve the Staff of Indarys.
Much Ado About Snow Elves DBM_MuchAdoAboutSnowElves After completing The Lost Expedition for Calcelmo, he has another task for you.
The Vaults of Deepholme DBM_DHQuest Uncover an ancient tomb and retrofit it as a secure vault.
Ongar's Kegbreaker DBM_OngarKegbreaker Ongar's hammer makes him drunk after just a few swings, he'll trade it away for a fitting replacement.
The Hand of Glory DBM_WaystoneQuest As Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, reassemble The Hand of Glory.
The Ayleid Crossroads DBM_WaystoneQuest The Ayleid Waystone you recovered during your travels may be more useful than you think.
Radiant Quests
Name EDID Overview
Finders Keepers DBM_RadiantRelicQST A radiant quest that will send you to retrieve a new artifact for the museum.
One Man's Junk DBM_RadiantBookQST Latoria asks you to collect ruined books, which she can turn into scrolls, rare books and even treasure maps.
Relic Hunt DBM_SextantHandler The special ability of Schneider's Sextant allows you to locate a nearby treasure.
Research Project DBM_ResearchQST Use knowledge gained from reading books to uncover a new book or artefact for the museum.
Misc Quests
Name EDID Overview
Back to the Drawing Board DBM_ImbuningMachine Construct your own Imbuing machine in the museum.
The Phantom Cache DBM_GhostChestQST Track down the legendary Phantasmal Chest.
Utility Quests
Name EDID Overview