Importing from Nexus Mod Manager: Things to consider

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Should I be importing from NMM?

While the import tool in Vortex allows you to move your mod setup from NMM over to Vortex, we strongly recommend starting with a fresh mod setup for Vortex instead.

This is largely due to NMM’s inability to maintain a clean installation log, which may result in unmanaged files in your data folder. These files are essentially “invisible” to NMM (if they are not managed by NMM, then, as far as NMM is considered, they do not exist) and as such, they cannot be imported by Vortex which may result in mods not working properly.

There are several ways you may end up with unmanaged files when using NMM:

  • When mods are updated.
  • When mod files are generated by another tool (e.g. animation mods that require FNIS).
  • Whenever you have manually added files to your data folder, or used another method than NMM to place files in the data folder.

Because the probability for having unmanaged files in your data folder increases with every mod you use with NMM, we recommend opting for a fresh start with Vortex.

Unmanaged Files

Unmanaged files are mod files in your data folder that may or may not be in use by mods, but which are "invisible" to your mod manager. Typically these are files that have been manually placed in your data folder, rather than having been installed via your mod manager. Another example would be files created by other applications (xEdit, FNIS).

As these files are not "seen" by e.g. NMM, they are not managed by it, and therefore cannot be imported into Vortex.

Scripted Installers / FOMOD Installers

Some mods you install with NMM or Vortex will come with so-called "scripted installers" (also known as FOMOD installers), which will allow you to customise your installation of a given mod by picking from the provided options.

This is a screenshot illustrating what a scripted installer looks like in NMM:


This is a screenshot illustrating what the same scripted installer looks like in Vortex:


When importing your mods from NMM to Vortex, Vortex will preserve your picked options, however, only if you choose to enable your imported mods at the end of the import process.

Starting fresh without having to redownload mods

You can save yourself the redownloading step by dragging any downloaded mod archives into Vortex. To do so, start up NMM and click on the folder icon in the toolbar. Select “Open NMM’s Mods Folder” in the context menu to open the download folder with the downloaded mod archives.

NMM DOwnload folder.PNG

After that, simply drag all your mod archives into the dropzones in Vortex (either in Mods or Downloads view) and proceed to install them just like downloaded mods:

Vortex Drop zone.PNG

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