How to install the Modkit

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Installing Modkit

1. First, you have to download and install Unity 2018.2.x (the version will change as the game will progress further, we’ll update this guide and notify that we changed the Unity version)

Download Unity

2. Download the modkit content and modkit samples on GitHub (you can download directly using the clone or download option then download as a zip but it’s highly suggested to use TortoiseGit to be able to quickly upgrade the modkit afterward)

GitHub link

3. You can now open any of the sample Unity projects included in the modkit content or you can start from the empty project but it’s better at first to start from a sample template.

4. (Optional) Install the databank (allow you to reuse objects of the game in custom levels or in levels modifications)

Nexus Mods download

5. (Optional) Install the levelkit (allow you to see in the editor the actual game levels for precise placement of elements during level modifications)

Google Drive download

Unzip the folder at the root of the Unity project that contains your mod (not in the Assets directory in the parent directory)

How to setup mod settings

1. Open the mod settings window by going into the menu "EOE Mods Toolkit -> Mod Settings" on the menu bar ontop of the screen


2. Create a unique Mod Identifier for your mod (warning : if two mods share the same Mod Identifier they will not be compatible together, with the Mod Identifier you'll be able to cross-reference mods)

3. Fill the mods metadata like the miniature, mod name, mod description, those will be used for the ingame display of the mod (not the workshop), the standalone adventure checkbox allow you to override the beginning of the adventure and set another map as the default map ingame so you can create another adventure from scratch with the Edge Of Eternity Modkit using the rules of the game or you custom ones using the scripting engine (the user will get a choice when trying to start the game he will be able to choose between the normal game or the custom adventures mods)