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Follower Live Package is one of the most powerful follower mods for Skyrim, but it lacks the attention and ratings it deserves. Part of the reason for this is that the author is not a native English speaker, so for us English speakers the language used is a bit obscure. That obscurity is compounded by the overwhelming number of powerful choices available to the user. This page is intended to overcome this shortcoming by providing clear documentation of the powerful features of this mod.



Feature Highlights

  • Extends the default follower AI: Auto-relax, heal and buff other followers and yourself. Followers can loot bodies, can summon a ride, can act on their own in towns, can gather ingredients from nature, can cure disease, can worship at a shrine and get the appropriate blessing (all of which is user selectable through MCM or dialogue). You can set the distance for your followers and how they should maintain that distance. Furthermore, followers can take care of the purchase of food, lockpicks and healing potions. They can sell firewood, food and ore. You can set quantities for trading in the MCM menu or through conversation. Followers will also find trainers to train their abilities. You can set the costs for these trainings.
  • Extends the default follower interaction: When the player is not sneaking and has no weapon drawn, followers banter with you and other NPCs, sing and / or play an instrument. You can set the chance of this to happen using the MCM menu or through conversation.
  • Wardrobe management: You can register up to 128 different clothing settings per follower. You can set what a follower should wear indoors, in cities and during combat. You can also set that a follower will un-equip his or her helmet and / or shield when not in combat.
  • Communication between species: With this enabled you can recruit non-human followers. These followers will be added to the FLP framework. You can set this to apply to humans too so you can add the ‘normal’ followers or even non-follower NPCs to the FLP framework.
  • Multi-race form: You can register an alternate race for your follower (for example werewolf or vampire). You can open the settings when you are in a sneaking position. Followers can transform into any race when in combat. You can adjust settings through conversation with your follower.
  • Follower schedule: Tired of having the same follower all the time? You can have your followers rotate, giving them days off, and giving you variety in your companionship and adventuring.


MCM Options


FLP AI1 MCM2.jpg
FLP AI1 MCM3.jpg



FLP AI2 MCM1.jpg
FLP AI2 MCM2.jpg
FLP AI2 MCM3.jpg



FLP System MCM1.jpg
FLP System MCM2.jpg
FLP System MCM3.jpg
  • MCM Start/Stop [toggle]: if the MCM gets messed up for some reason, you can use this to reset the MCM
  • Wait time for resurrection (Follower) [slider]: if your followers are not immortal or protected, setting to a number greater than zero will allow your follower to remain alive for the time specified.  If you (or another follower) heal them within that time (even just one hp), they will revive, othewise they die.
  • Recruit human through conversation [toggle]: if selected, you will get a "[FLP] Follow me." dialogue option when conversing with humanoits in game
  • Recruit ally automatically [toggle]: if selected, any NPCs in the potential follower faction in the immediate vicinity will join you in combat



Player Setting

-Global Command: Command All Followers using a Shout 


First Word (Convocation) : Single press of the shout key. Calls all waiting FLP followers to your location. 

Draw Weapon and First Word (Attack): Signal FLP followers to attack. Doesn't work too well cause it plays the Convocation commands often instead. Also cause the player to play a lengthy hand signal emote and unpractical in a fight.

Second Word (Break): Hold 1st press then press shout again. FLP followers resume their previous AI state. 

Third Word (Dissolution): Hold 1st press, 2nd press, and press 3rd shout again. Dismiss all FLP followers to return to their original locations even if you set My Home is Your Home. Still remains in FLP list.


First Word (Command Single Follower): Command a single follower from your FLP list.

Second Word (Command All Followers): Command all followers from your FLP List.

Recommendation: Only use the Crouching shout global command. The standing shout is too janky.

FLP Player Setting MCM1.jpg
FLP Player Setting MCM2.jpg


Individual Setting

FLP Individual Setting MCM1.jpg
FLP Individual Setting MCM2.jpg
FLP Individual Setting MCM3.jpg
FLP Individual Setting MCM4.jpg
FLP Individual Setting MCM5.jpg
FLP Individual Setting MCM6.jpg


FLP Weekly Schedule

FLP Weekly Schedule MCM1.jpg
FLP Weekly Schedule MCM2.jpg



  • Works best if only one category is turned on. IE: Move Formation. Everything else No Formation. Does not appears to work if all category is set to Formation.
FLP Formation MCM1.jpg
FLP Formation MCM2.jpg


Game Setting

FLP Game Setting MCM.jpg

Hot Key

Follower Live Package Hot Key MCM
  • Emergency Warp may be a good alternative to having followers warp to you automatically if they get to far away or if you draw your weapons.

FLP List.1

Dialogue Options

Compatibility Notes

Other follower framework mods

Almost all of the functionality of these mods are replicated or improved upon by Follower Live Package, so these are not needed but you can use them together, if you insist.

Specialty Follower Feature Mods

  • Convenient Horses SE - Uncertain. The patch from oldrim will not work because Convenient Horses SE uses different methods to identify followers. I have not been able to determine for certain whether Convenient Horses' new methods will successfully identify followers in the FLP framework. But, at worst, this would only mean that your FLP followers would not use the Convenient Horses horses. It's certainly not game-breaking.


Custom Followers



Other Mods

  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE: Incompatible. This mod interferes with the skeletons needed by FLP for its creature riding feature. Either overwrite XPMSSE with FLP, or don't use XPMSSE, or don't use FLP's creature riding features.
  • Horse Branding SSE: Patchable Conflict. Both Horse Branding and FLP edit the PlayerFollowerPackage package. A patch can be created to make both mods function together.

Porting to Special Edition

To port to this mod to special edition, follow these steps:

  1. Install Follower Live Package
  2. Extract Follower Live Package's BSA
  3. Install Follower Live Package - ReTranslation overwriting the Follower Live Package plugin.
  4. Open Follower Live Package in Creation Kit for SE, then save and exit Creation Kit to convert Follower Live Package to form 44.


Follower Live Package

Follower Live Package - ReTranslation

Follower Live Package new player suggestions