Creating an erf file for Dragon age 2

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This mini guide shows how to create an erf file to package your mod contents into it. Dragon Age 2 requires that mod contents are inside an erf file for them to work in game.

Required tools

Creating an erf file

The process is very simple:

  1. Download Thought Process' Erf Packager and extract the contents of the zip in any folder you want.
  2. Put the files used by your mod in a new folder with a unique name (use a name that won't likely be used by other mod), like for example Myname_Mymod.
  3. Drag your mod's folder to the Gibbed.Bioware.ErfPack.exe and drop it there.
  4. The tool will create a new erf file called like your folder (in the example, it would be called Myname_Mymod.erf) that will contain your mod files.
  5. You can now just copy your mod's erf file into your override folder and play! :)