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This small tutorial will show you how to import a Bethesda bow model into Blender and set it up properly so it can be exported to a working NIF file ready for use in-game.

All required files can be found at TESNexus.


Before you can modify Oblivion models and textures, you first have to extract them from the BSA files that ship with the game. The following article will describe how to do this and configure NifSkope so it knows where to grab the textures so they can be shown on the model.

Software used in the creation of this tutorial:

  • Blender 2.49b
  • Blender NIF Scripts 2.5.5
  • Python 2.6.2
  • PyFFI 2.1.6
  • NifSkope 1.0.22


All of the bows work in the game but some do not play the animation in NifSkope for whatever reason. So I'd recommend not picking one of those for your starting model.

Bows that play the animation in NifSkope are Daedric, Ebony, Elven, Silver and Steel.

Bows that do NOT play the animation in NifSkope are the Dwarven, Iron and Glass bows.


  1. Start Blender. On the menu, click File, Import, NetImmerse/Gamebryo
    Bow Import
  2. Select the collision wireframe and press m, 2 and click OK which will move the collision model to the 2nd layer and will be out of our way when editing the bow model.
  3. Change the DrawType from Solid to Textured (ALT+Z) which should show the texture on the model.
  4. Save the model by clicking on the menu, File, Save As (or CTRL+W)
  5. Press the tilde key (`) to show all layers and then press A key until all objects are highlighted.
  6. On the menu, click File, Export, NetImmerse/Gamebryo, type a name, click the "Export NIF/KF" button.
    Bow Export
  7. Exit Blender.
  8. Open the newly created NIF with NifSkope.
  9. Click the play button and make sure it animates or click-n-drag the animation slider.

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