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This page will host a small series of videos to explain how to make a simple sword in Blender and put it in Oblivion. This is to help new blender users to better understand some key modeling, texturing, and construction set points.

The Blender Model

<youtube v="9w9MftbDeBY" /> [1] If you installed blender you should be able to make the sword (unless I suck at teaching, then its my fault). Please post some constructive criticism to help me improve. I apologize for the poor video and sound quality, I have a bad mic, and I had trouble finding proper screen resolution to fit the youtube screen size. Hopefully you can still follow along!

Key things to know from the video: -"1" key for front view, "3" key for side view, "7" key for top view

-hold in scroll wheel and move mouse to move the camera

-shift+scroll wheel to pan camera

-space to add new objects, lights, and cameras

-right click to select, shift+right click to select multiple

-tab to change between edit and object modes

-"a" to select all or none

-"s" to scale, "s"+ click scroll wheel to select axis in which to scale

-"e" to extrude

-ctrl+r to loop cut, scroll wheel to increase number or cuts

-shift+alt+ right click to select loop

-"z" to enter wireframe view mode

UV mapping

<youtube v=eujHaNyXleo /> -ctrl+e to mark/clear seam

-"u" to unwrap

-right click between panels and 3D view to split screen

-shift+alt+right click to loop select


<youtube v=KeYjN253vc8 />

Export and Construction set work

<youtube v=T2HhEUr3iOk />