Adding eye morphs to facegen files

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Hi, me again. I wrote up a guide for adding eye morphs to facegen files (.egm and .tri) for use in Oblivion. The actual guide is in the files section, but I figured it would be useful to have a link to it from this area to make it easy to find.

This is an advanced guide for adding eye morphs (or modifiers) to the FaceGen files for Oblivion. (.egm and .tri) This info is useful for anyone who wishes to customize the facial animations of an existing head, creating an entirely new head, or props like the Real Eyelashes mod.

The .7z file contains the guide itself, some example files used in the guide, and several useful tools by Scanti. This is the "long road" edition, those looking for the easy road may consider purchasing FaceGen Customizer, which this guide does not cover. Instead, we'll be using The Conformulator and a hex editor to do the work.

Adding Eye Morphs to FaceGen Files by throttlekitty

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